Garden of the station

The direct surroundings of the train station- former platforms, where they loaded the wagons mainly with sugar beats- are now transformed into a splendid and blossoming garden with a surface of 1,30 hectare.

Two 100-year-old Taxus- trees invite you to discover the beautiful landscape around the train station. The residents kept one part of the railway beds, where recently a very special train was stalled: three miniature wagons each loaded with a piece of marble of Carrara. This piece of art by Frans Daels was placed in the context of the art festival “Tempus Arti” in 2009.

22 sycamore trees arranged in a row along the former rails suggest the viewer the perspective of the former rail track.

A beautiful green pearl, where children can lark about and guests can enjoy a recreative break within this impressive scenery.

Tuin 01